With a heart for the health of our community, we recognize each day
is a new day with challenges and opportunities for growth.

Our counselors, both students in training and licensed professional counselors, demonstrate care and compassion to people of all ages. We are affordable offering both fee for service and insurance billing.

When going through difficult times, it is more bearable when you have someone who will share the burden. Our counselors help clients to face each new day with support. To be counseled by a graduate student costs as little as $10 per session for twelve sessions.

In place of anxiety and stress, we work toward peace. In place of broken relationship, we promote restoration with other people and with God. In place of pain and abuse, we facilitate healing.

Our specialities include:
Individual Counseling

Dealing with issues of grief, loss, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, physical abuse, sexual abuse, life transitions, identity, and body image

Relationship Counseling

Couple, premarital, and marital issues, including communication, finances, and trust

Child, Adolescent, and Family Counseling

Self-esteem, behavioral issues, family conflict, and parenting skills